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Man Sleeping with Apnea Link

Apnea Link:
Our Apnea Link testing can help diagnose a patient with sleep apnea at home, in a comfortable environment.

The Apnea Link device itself measures roughly 2" wide by 6" tall and is less than 1" thick. It is worn around the mid-section while sleeping. A nasal cannual is connected to the device which, when worn, helps detect desaturation events during sleep.

Apnea Link

The entire testing kit you or your patient will receive comes in a small, blue pouch. Inside, you will find the Apnea Link device, a belt to be worn around the mid-section, nasal cannula, finger clip probe, and instructions.

Apnea Link kit

For downloadable instructions on how to use the Apnea Link device, please click here.

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"Gabrielle was excellent in explaining everything. She was very friendly and helpful in showing me the machine and setting it up." ~Kyle, Angola