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CPAP Mask Supplies

It is important to your sleep therapy to maintain and replace your CPAP supplies. CPAP supplies are disposable. Much like your toothbrush, your supplies need regular replacement. The materials the supplies are made of begin to break down and deteriorate with frequent use. As your supplies break down, your sleep therapy may be affected.

Most insurance plans allow for the replacement of CPAP supplies based on a set replacement schedule. If you have questions concerning your insurance plan's replacement schedule, please call our Customer Service Team at 716.667.9600 (option 6). We will conveniently ship your supplies to your door.

To request supplies by email, please fill out this form.

Most Insurance Plans Recommend the Following CPAP Supply Replacement Schedule:

Item: Replacement Schedule:
Disposable Filter 2 per month
Non-disposable Filter 1 every 6 months
Tubing (Heated or non-heated) 1 every 3 months
Full Face Mask 1 every 3 months
Nasal Mask 1 every 3 months
Full Face Cushion 1 per month
Nasal Mask Cushion 2 per month
Headgear 1 every 6 months
Chinstrap 1 every 6 months
Humdifier Water Chamber 1 every 6 months

*Depending on your insurance coverage, copayments and deductibles may apply.
**These are recommended replacement guidelines. Coverage by insurance company may vary.

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