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CPAP Supplies

Automated Calls for Supplies:
Pro2 has implemented an automated calling program to remind you when you are due to replace your CPAP supplies. The automated call will allow you to place an order for your eligible supplies by simply pressing option 1 for yes, when prompted. Eligible supplies typically include: filters, tubing, mask, headgear, and cushions. If you choose to order, we will conveniently ship your supplies directly to your home. Depending on your insurance coverage, we will either contact you by phone to obtain payment or we will issue you a bill for any coinsurance or deductible that may apply.

Automatic Replenishment of CPAP Supplies:
Upon request, this convenient service is available to many of our insurance customers. If you choose this option, your eligible supplies will be shipped directly to your home at the intervals your insurance company allows. If you are interested in enrolling in this program, please contact our office at 716.667.9600 (option 6).

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