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The LaserTouchOne™ is a breakthrough pain relief device. It's the only device available to consumers that combines both low-level laser therapy and micro-current electrical stimulation.

Doctors and nurses have already seen how effective this break-through technology is. The LaserTouchOne™ is designed to treat the source of pain, not mask or block its symptoms. As a result, it can be safer and more effective than habit-forming pain medications. Results from a clinical study show that the LaserTouchOne™ is over 93% effective in decreasing pain.

Features include:

Unlike pain medications, the LaserTouchOne™ treats your pain at its source by stimulating cells in the soft tissue and facilitating the repairing and healing of that tissue at the cellular level.

The LaserTouchOne is effective in the treatment of the following ailments or conditions:

LaserTouchOne In Use

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