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No Smoking

Smoking & Oxygen:
Unlike what most people think, oxygen doesn't burn. But it does accelerate the combustion of flammable materials such as clothing, bed sheets, curtains, and paper.

When you use oxygen, the tubing used to deliver that oxygen to your nostrils may catch on fire and cause severe damage to your face and body. That's why it's important to not smoke nor expose yourself to an open flame when using your oxygen. Cigarettes, fireplaces, candles, and matches all pose a threat to you while using supplemental oxygen.

The Pledge:
We ask our patients using supplemental oxygen to take our No Smoking Pledge.

Simply read the pledge which outlines the importance of not smoking or being near an open flame while using oxygen. Then add your name, today's date, and sign at the bottom. You can mail the pledge back to us or bring it in the next time you stop by our office.

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