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Newlife Oxygen Concentrator

The air we breathe is made up of approximately 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen. Oxygen concentrators filter nitrogen out of room air, collect the remaining oxygen, and dispense it at the prescribed flow rate at 90-95% purity. The use of this concentrator does not reduce the oxygen in the room air because of the small amount of oxygen required.

Concentrator Manuals:
To download your oxygen concentrator Patient Manual, click on the appropriate link below.

Download the Visionaire (black concentrator) Patient Manual

Download the Newlife (gray concentrator) Patient Manual

Turning on your Concentrator:

Turning off your Concentrator:

Concentrator Routine Weekly Care:

Concentrator Safety Precautions:

Back-up Cylinder:
Pure oxygen gas is stored under pressure in metal containers and is delivered at prescribed flow rates via regulator and nasal cannula.

Equipment needed includes the cylinder itself, an oxygen pressure regulator, gauge, flowmeter, and nasal cannula or mask.

Back-up Cylinder Procedure:

Back-up Cylinder Safety Precautions:

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