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Medicare Dear Physician Letters:

From time to time, you will receive requests from Pro2 for your patients' medical records. Requests for medical records are necessary for Pro2 to ensure that coverage criteria are met for an item. If coverage criteria has not been met or properly documented, we may not be able to provide your patient with the equipment or supplies he or she needs. Our goal is to work together with your office to ensure continued coverage for your patients' medical equipment and supplies.

The following letters are published by Medcare in an effort to educate ordering physicians of the coverage and documentation requirements for ordering Durable Medical Equipment for their patients.

CERT Physican Letter- Documentation:

Dear Physician Letter- Durable Medical Equipment- Documentation of Continued Medical Necessity:

CERT Physician Letter- Oxygen & Supplies:

Dear Physician Letter- Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) Devices:

CERT Physician Letter- Nebulizers:

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