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Below we have gathered a selection of resources and links we hope you may find useful on important health topics. This listing is by no means meant to encompass all resources or services available- but to serve as a starting point for you and your family.

Alzheimer's Disease:
The National Institute on Aging has compiled an easy-to-use guide on Caring for a Person with Alzheimer's Disease.

Eldercare Locator:
A tool that allows you to search by zip code or city and state to find an Eldercare facility or services for older adults and their families.

Family Caregiver Alliance:
The Family Caregiver Alliance is an organization who supports and provides information for caregivers and families caring for loved ones with chronic health conditions.

Official Medicare Website:
The official U.S. Government's Medicare website.

The official U.S. Government's handbook: Medicare & You 2012.

Official Social Security Website:
The official U.S. Government's Social Security website.

National Family Caregivers Association:
The NFCA helps to educate and support those who care for loved ones with chronic illnesses, disabilities, or old age.

New York State Office for the Aging:
More information on state and local programs, recent artcles, and data regarding the aged.

Listings for all New York State County Offices for the Aging.

New York State Senior Citizen Help Line:
This toll-free number is available to senior citizens in need of information: 1.800.342.9871

People for Quality Care:
The mission of People for Quality Care is to educate people with disabilities, their families, and senior Medicare beneficiaries about health policy changes that affect freedom of choice.

Share the Care™:
This website and handbook gives you detailed information on how to organize a group of people to care for someone who is seriously ill.

United Hospital Fund:
Includes easy-to-use guides to help health care providers and family caregivers work together to plan and implement smooth transitions from home to care facilities.

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