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Ultra Fill Woman Indoors

Home-fill Systems:
The UltraFill Home Oxygen Filling Station fills special oxygen cylinders with gaseous oxygen supplied from a special oxygen concentrator.

Ultra Fill

The UltraFill Station is attached to the special concentrator via a pneumatic tube. The concentrator takes room air and feeds oxygen enriched air to the UltraFill. The UltraFill then compresses the oxygen into a cylinder at a very high pressure. While the cylinder is filling, you will be supplied oxygen from the concentrator at flow rates up to 3LPM.

Ultra Fill System Ultra Fill being filled

The UltraFill cylinders can be used when out of the house, for travel, etc. They are almost the same size as standard oxygen cylinders, and can be carried with bags and carts.

Ultra Fill tank with Bag Ultra Fill woman outdoors

The UltraFill Station is only meant to be used for filling a cylinder. You cannot breath oxygen directly from it- that is why you will be provided with a system and an oxygen concentrator.

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